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Shimmer Rose | From $ 2,15 per stem | Ecuadorian roses | FREE SHIPPING



Price per 50 cm | 19 inches Stem:  $ 2,15 USD

Price per 60 cm | 23 inches Stem:  $ 2,25 USD

Price per 70 cm | 27 inches Stem:  $ 2,35 USD



Almost ruffled, a bit uncombed, beautiful just the same and also sensual, Shimmer is a flower with a strong character. Exuberant, gushing and explosive, this rose opens into a swirly, soft and fluffy round corolla. Its color merits special mention, being an almost sugar-almond peach, just ever so lightly streaked with cream.  2,800 mts over the sea level are growing our beautiful roses

Color: Peach

Color Description: Light peach with pink outer petals

Lengths Available:  50, 60, 70 cm  (Stem)

Bloom Size: Large

Bloom Size Details: 6,50 - 7,00 cm

Vase Life: Long

Availability: Whole year.

Bunch: 25 roses


flower care instructions : Flower Care Instructions