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How to extend the life of roses?

How to extend the life of roses?

How to extend the life of roses?

All of us really loves roses but sometimes they do not last long time, so today we are going to give you some important hints how to extend their lifetime and keep them fresh.

Preserve the freshness of delicate roses, following the simple rules of caring for them and elimination of all negative factors of influence will increase the life of flowers and help to extend happiness enjoying the extraordinary beauty for a long time.

Take care of roses

To make flowers preserve the freshness in a vase, you need.

1. Buy only fresh flowers.

If you are buying roses by yourself always check their freshness. You can do it squeezing the flower in the place where the stem ends and the button begins. If this part of the flower is soft, then the rose isn’t fresh, you should not buy it. If it solid, it means then the flower is fresh.

2. Do not leave flowers without water.

3. Remove any wilted petals and leaves.

To keep the water in the vase clean and fresh longer, remove all rotten leaves and petals. Particularly carefully clean that part of the stem that will sink into the water.

4. Avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

 A bouquet brought to the house cannot be unpacked immediately. It is better to put it in a shade for 1 hour and then remove the wrapper.

5. Cut the stems every day for 1 cm.

This will enable the flowers to stably receive nutrients and water. To ensure optimal penetration of moisture, you need to cut them at an angle of 30-60 degrees or slightly split the edge of the stem in the middle.

6. Change the water in the vase every day. 

In addition, spraying the buds with a spray bottle would be helpful.

7. Try to keep roses separately from other home or fresh cut flowers. 

8. Add additional fertilizing to the roses.

The cut roses will last longer, for each liter of water in a vase, you can add:

  • soda (20 g);

  • table salt (1 tsp);

  • activated carbon (2 tab.);

  • chlorine (10 g);

  • aspirin (1 tab.);

  • citric acid (1-2 g);

  • boric acid (1-2 g).

Using these simple tips will help you to enjoy your roses longer and keep them fresh.

Ecuadorian roses

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